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Viability Testimonials

Viability financial tool proving a hit with PIMSS’ clients

Since its launch Viability has been receiving positive feedback from our clients. We’ve been utilising the cloud-based application to deliver a key service to our clients, that is to analyse stock performance against both financial and sustainability criteria and combinations of the two according to our clients’ requirements.

The system provides a comprehensive suite of reports that then enables us and our clients to produce reliable data to support evidence-based decision making.

South Tyneside Homes and Gloucester City Homes have been particularly impressed with the application’s functionality and the intelligence it produces to inform decisions.

Here is what they had to say about Viability.

Ashley Hankinson, Assistant Asset Manager, South Tyneside Homes, says: “Viability has proven to be an invaluable tool for South Tyneside Homes, which has allowed us to be more proactive in the way we assess our housing stock, from both a financial and sustainability approach. The module allows us to compare data historically and monitor our stock over periods of time to ensure we invest in our stock in a timely manner. This also allows us to link directly with PIMSS and permits us the opportunity to develop more accurate 30 year business planning. The team were very helpful in getting us set up and trained in Viability, nothing was any bother and we were also able to feed into the module our own ideas and make our own changes to tailor the module to suit the needs of our business, Thank you PIMSS.”

Simon Taylor, Head of Asset Management, Gloucester City Homes, says: “GCH have used PIMSS Viability for two years and have found it to be an extremely powerful tool.  It has enabled us to clearly understand the financial performance of our assets and the value of our investment plans, across a range of scenarios and situations.   We have also been able to use the sustainability factors within the tool to assess our assets performance in terms their contribution to our broader strategic aims, such as increasing energy efficiency and resident satisfaction.  This has provided a clear understanding of which of our assets truly add value to our stock rather than just a financial return. Viability has helped us to identify poorly performing assets, undertake targeted options appraisals  and put forward recommendations supported by clear imperial evidence.  We have found the model to be extremely flexible and have been able to build scenarios specific to our stock and the factors relevant to our business plan and our residents”.

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